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Dear Internet visitor,

My intention is to help you own a profitable Internet Home Business.

If this is what you are seeking, then browsing my pages won't take more than 5 minutes of your time and will give you the chance to get informed about what it turns to be your own, Internet Home Business Opportunity!

My name is Albert Lee.
I have been working as an Executive for US Multi-National Corporations for the past 30 years. Now I work part-time as a member of one of the most successful companies in Network Marketing on the Internet, based in United States of America. My work is the promotion of a profitable Internet Home Based Business.

One thing I can almost guarantee you is that even though we might have come from different backgrounds we both want two things:
1.) Financial Security and 2.) Time Freedom.
You know what else? There are millions and millions of people just like us.

I want to help people who are interested in taking advantage of this excellent Internet Home Base Business and wish to work with me to accomplish those two common things and to help others do the same.

Dear Internet friends,

Strong Future International Group offers the most legitimate Internet Home Business to help you start your own computer based Internet home business and earn extra money online safely, from the comfort of your own home!

The Internet is creating incredible advantages for ordinary people who can spot the best home based business opportunities at the right time.

What if there was a PROVEN system that could help you capture just a small portion of this phenomenal growth?

See for yourself...

Timing is Everything!  You can begin earning substantial money with this new venture now.  

Click here to register and start you own Internet Home Business This is not a "get rich quick" Internet home business opportunity.

It requires time, will to learn and work, mostly on the Internet, to build a real Internet Home Business.

If you are ready to make some serious money from this totally unique Professional and Powerful High-Tech Home Business System, join now and start experiencing what this truly successful Internet Home Business Opportunity can mean for you and your family!
In addition, we offer ultimate Training and Support systems!

I am here to help you.
The next step is all up to you.

Join my group and start your own Internet Home Business  

Your Partner,
Albert Lee

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 Internet marketing is no different than any other kind of marketing! 

You heard right.  Good marketing is good marketing, no matter the medium.  There is no panacea of marketing, and the Internet is certainly not the end all or be all.  While it is true, the Internet is the last place where someone of modest budget can compete with some of the largest players in marketing and win, this sort of profitable activity requires hard word and analysis just like any other marketing campaign.

Marketing is not sales.  Marketing is the "art and science" of getting someone to see the value your product or service holds for the extent that they desire to acquire it.  You will needs sales to complete the cycle but marketing, as I have just defined it, is the basis of our Internet Marketing/Search Engine Optimization paper.

Marketing on the Internet is a lot like the Wild West of the 1800's on the North American continent.  There are tons of opportunities all around but it takes a thinker to notice and exploit them.  gone are the days when anyone could walk up to a venture capitalist and propose an "Internet Business Model" and end up with some sort of funding.  I remember those days like they were yesterday (They really were) and many of my friends, rich with Venture Capital cash, went out and bought Ferrari's, big homes, lavish toys.  Many of those same friends had to give all that stuff up because when folks realized that the Internet was not a wonderland but a new communication tool, they closed the cash spigots and the money went

 Where does Internet marketing begin? 

At the beginning of course!  No marketing campaign will work without first performing a SWOT analysis.  SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) are a bit beyond the scope of this site but the analogy does hold purpose in the Search engine optimization process.  Internet Marketing is all about getting the consumer of your product to want it badly enough to take do this, we first need to get in front of that potential consumer.  The cheapest and fastest way you reach a ton of people legitimately is thorough search engine optimization, the process of refining your web site to rank well in the "Organic" or non-paid areas of a search engine or directory.

While it is important to be in as many different search engines and directories as possible, there are really only a dozen or so that will bring you an appreciable traffic.  Having said that, one paying client from an obscure engine is worth exactly what you paid for it.  Sine Google is at the present time, the king of search engines, we will spend quite a bit of time talking about things that make your site rank well with Google....but we will not talk exclusively about Google.  When I do Search engine optimization for clients, I ALWAYS fine tune for the greatest amount of engines and directories, because I never know what will happen tomorrow and being #1 in the current "big dog" while hedging my bets for tomorrow's up-and-comers just makes sense to me....and helps me sleep better at night. 

A case in point, the latest Google update, nicknamed the "Google Florida Update", actually resulted in a tremendous boost to all of my clients' rankings.  There are several reasons for this phenomena, but the main ones are that I optimize for what really has value...content.

This website will provide you with all of the tools necessary to achieve top search engine positions if you study the tips, apply them and use the tools in the manner they were intended to be used.  search engine optimization is not rocket science, it is simply the study of what make s a web site the most "relevant" and in whose eyes.  once you look at each SEO campaign in that manner, you will more quickly understand what has to be done in each case and how to go about it.

I welcome you to SEO-highrankings and look forward to any comments and suggestions you might have to help us improve this site for you.

James Taylor


What Are The Most Crucial Digital Marketing Trends For 2022?

The realm of digital marketing changes every year. And, these changes are pretty notable during a specific year.  Suppose you are a small business entity requiring constant updates on SEO, email marketing, and social media campaigns. In that case, you can always expect something new that could influence your digital marketing strategy.  Before we move forward into trends of 2022, let's take a quick recap of trends in 2021.  In 2021, Google has made changes in its algorithm. It has released its core web vitals ranking factors, and they are being update...


    Why Are You Doing Business Online?

That may seem like a really obvious question, but in fact, it is one that anyone who is doing business online
should ask themselves.  You might think that the number one answer for most people would be to earn a living
and while that is certainly part of it, for some, the bigger reason is to make a difference in this world
with what they have to offer.

Before the Internet, most of the business generated came from face to face meetings, or by telephone,
or by direct mail, or expensive television and radio advertising. 
And while all of those situations still occur today, with the Internet,
your reach for potential customers is almost infinite. 
Just imagine someone who went door-to-door, selling products that people needed,
to now being online and being able to reach many thousands of potential customers,
all at the same time, all because of the Internet.

And of course, if you have been online for any length of time,
then you know that it takes much more than just a website to be successful. 
Almost everywhere you look, the offer to help you grow your online business exists. 
This could range from purchasing different tools, products, or services that are supposed
to perform specific functions to hiring someone to coach you on how to be successful online
by recommending that you purchase different tools, products, or services that are supposed
to perform specific functions.  Whatever it is, the bottom line is that it is still
YOU that has to put those tools, products, or services into practice and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. 
Either way, you might be out of a lot of money, just trying to earn a living online.

But I go back to the question, "Why are you doing business online"?

Maybe a better question would be if you were not making any real money, would you still be doing it? 
If money is your only goal, then you might find that your road has been a difficult one. However,
if your purpose for being online is to help others achieve their goals and desires,
then you might be in it for the long haul.  But even then, it is not always easy and in fact,
probably the hardest part is finding your next customers or in online terms, generating the traffic
needed to really make a difference.

The goal is to not only find targeted customers but to personalize their experience with you in such a way,
that customer retention will no longer be a problem, and gaining new customers will be easy. 
In addition to making your customers feel comfortable about doing business with you,
what if there was a way that you could make thousands of customers feel comfortable about doing business with you,
from all over the world?  What if you could offer your products or services to millions without you
having to do all of the manual labor?  Well, now you can!

Introducing ONPASSIVE!

ONPASSIVE is a products and services driven company that offers all of the tools, products,
and services you will ever need, all in one place, to help your business soar to new heights. 
And these are not cheap, copycat products.  We offer the online marketer our exclusive,
proprietary built from the ground up, top of the line products and services.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) proprietary technology, we will help to provide a
level of personalized professionalism that your customers will become accustomed to. 
And as an ONPASSIVE customer, everything that you are currently having to do on your own to try to grow
your business can be done for you.  From the autopilot, hands-free promotion of your business,
to the non-stop flow of guaranteed traffic, to the closing of your sales... We can do it all. 

And the best part is even though you will be receiving top quality products and services,
you won't be paying top dollar.  Our business is designed to create a successful online presence
for every online marketer, giving you the best quality for the lowest costs.  We can do this because
we have created everything from the ground up and we own our technology.  And because of this,
we can pass on the savings to you.

Therefore, if you were to ask us, "Why are we doing business online"? 
Our answer would be to help you achieve all of your online goals and desires! 
And if you are someone who does not currently have a business online or offline,
we can provide that option for you, with even greater benefits and privileges. 
Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of millions of people all across the globe and we
would like to start with you.

Learn more by clicking on the link below and see how we can benefit you today!


Albert Lee
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