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Stop Dirty Divorce Tricks From Being Played On You.
by: Anthony J. Comparetto

We all kind of laugh about dirty divorce tricks that you hear are played. It is always kinda funny when you are not the one the trick is played on.

It still amazes me that this stuff happens. Here is a new one from the dirty trick file....Some people get mad at me for telling this story. I understand it is a controversial example but it will really show how far someone will go to get their ex-spouse so hang in and learn from it.

Ex husband knows that his wife is kinda gullible. He is tired of paying her child support and they seem to fight over the issue. She honestly spends all of the child support money, and more, on the children.

Husband knows that one of ex-wife's friends sells pot. He should know this "friend" used to sell the couple pot when they were together. Whether right or wrong the couple did it together when married.

Husband plays all nice with ex-wife for a short period. Ex wife is starting to believe that ex-husband is going to really help out in the raising of kids. They are even becoming friends again....You know where this is going.

Ex-husband asks ex-wife to see if the friend will sell him some pot. They set up a buy at the ex-wife's house. Now the ex-wife thinks nothing is wrong because they are friends again and it is like the old times.

On the night of the buy ex-husband comes in sits down and the buy goes down....Needless to say he is wearing a wire. He had talked to the police and had told them how bad his ex-wife was, that she was subjecting the kids to drug abuse and drug trafficking and that he would help them stop her.

Police come in and arrest her and the "friend" and who gets custody of the kids while the gullible ex-wife has to answer to the drug got it the ex-husband.

Now, you may say to yourself I don't do drugs...Now ask yourself is there some other things that your ex-spouse could exploit?

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About the author:
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